World Cultures


Teacher:  Mr. Kyle Wildasin

           (Room 309)

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Course Outline:


            Unit 1 Early Modern Times (1300-1800)

                        Ch. 1   The Renaissance and Reformation

                        Ch. 2   The First Global Age: Europe and Asia

                        Ch. 3   The First Global Age: Europe, the Americas, and Africa

                        Ch. 4   The Age of Absolutism


            Unit 2 Enlightenment and Revolution (1707-1850)

                        Ch. 5   The Enlightenment and the American Revolution

                        Ch. 6   The French Revolution and Napoleon

                        Ch. 7   The Industrial Revolution Begins

                        Ch. 8   Revolutions in Europe and Latin America


            Unit 3 Industrialism and a New Global Age (1800-1914)

                        Ch. 9   Life in the Industrial Age

                        Ch. 10 Nationalism Triumphs in Europe

                        Ch. 11 Growth of Western Democracies

                        Ch. 12 The New Imperialism

                        Ch. 13 New Global Patterns


            Unit 4 World Wars and Revolutions (1910-1955)

                        Ch. 14 World War I and Its Aftermath

                        Ch. 15 Revolution in Russia

                        Ch. 16 Nationalism and Revolution Around the World

                        Ch. 17 Crisis of Democracy in the West

                        Ch. 18 World War II and Its Aftermath


            Unit 5 The World Today (1945-Present)

                        Ch. 19 The World Since 1945: An Overview

                        Ch. 20 Europe and North America

                        Ch. 21 East Asia and Southeast Asia

                        Ch. 22 South Asia and the Middle East

                        Ch. 23 Africa

                        Ch. 24 Latin America



Primary Textbook:


            World History Connections to Today

            The Modern Era

            Authors: Elisabeth Ellis & Anthony Esler

            Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall



Course Grading:


            Approximately 40 % of the course grade will come from EXAMS


            Approximately 60 % of the course grade will come from:


                        Participation (Volunteering in class, being prepared, on task, etc)


                        Course Projects (Presentations, Reports)


Final Course Grade:


            Marking Period 1                                                         (40 %)

            Marking Period 2                                                         (40 %)

            Final                                                                             (20 %)



Grading Scale:


            100      -           90        =          A

            89        -           80        =          B

            79        -           70        =          C

            69        -           60        =          D

            59        -           Below  =          F



Expectations and Requirement:



                        A three ring binder is strongly encouraged for this class.  Everything we do in this class will be put into the binder including, homework, worksheets, maps, review sheets, this syllabus, etc.  A well organized binder is essential for your development as a student because it helps you maintain order in the class.  Notebooks checks could possible take place throughout the year.


            Cheating Policy:

                        Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. 


First Offense Zero on the test, quiz, homework, report, etc.

            There will also be a notification sent out to parents


Second Offense Zero for the Marking Period


Third Offense F for the Course





            BE ON TIME.  Do not be late for class.  Being late to class will not be tolerated particularly if it becomes a habit.  If you are absent see me BEFORE CLASS to see what you have missed from the day before.  If you were absent trust me you missed something.  If you are absent on a day we had a quiz, exam, or homework assignment due you will be expected to take the exam or quiz the day you get back.  The homework should be handed to me the day you get back. 




            Participation in class is strongly encouraged.  I do not want to be the only voice in the classroom.  Participating in my class is more than answering and asking questions.  It involves coming to class prepared and being able to have a dialogue with other students in the classroom.  Being a good communicator takes time and practice.  My goal is to have all students become better speakers and communicators through my class.  I encourage active conversation on the material we are going over at that time.




As students you are ultimately responsible for your education and what you get out of my course.  I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure your learning experience is a worthwhile one as well as informative one.  If at anytime you have concerns, questions, or problems my door is open.  I will be more than happy to meet with you before school, during, or after school.