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Digestive System  
Language Arts
Mrs. Culp's Language Arts Links  
Parts of a Book Title Page, Index, Heading and more. Online lessons and practices
Fourth Grade Reading Read the introduction and the passage that follows. Then read each question and mark the circle next to the correct answer.
Character Writing Select a character to write about and create your own story online
Mrs. Halter's Science Links  
The Cell Page Cell Biology information.
Animal and Plant Cells First select Similarities and then select Differences from the index on the left at this page.
Meet the Plant Parts Match the drawings with the names and build a salad
Inside a Cell Select each part of the cell to see its function
Habitats/Biomes The Earth has many different environments, varying in temperature, moisture, light, and many other factors. (from Enchanted Learning)
Alligator Lunch Students learn greater than and less than symbols. (Author - Sandi King)
MathDrill Lets your students practice <, >, or =
Are You a Math Magician? Two levels of practice with several operations are available; addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Mixed practice is also available; addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, or a mix of all four. Multiplication game also available.
Social Studies
U.S. Regions  
Different Tribes Compare daily life of Native American tribes from different regions and times. (Author - Laurie Ayers)
Ask for Kids A fast, easy and kid-friendly way for kids to search online.
netTrekker di (password needed) Educator reviewed subject directory.
Awesome Library for Kids Drill down to answer your questions.
Google SafeSearch SafeSearch results provided by Google.
The South Western School District offers no guarantees or warranties on your results.
Fact Monster Includes an atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, homework center, and timelines.
Ivy's Search Engine Resources Here you will find search forms for the major Internet search engines for kids.
Cool Links
Fun & Games
Pizza Party practice fractions by deciding how much pizza is left (10 questions)
Let's Go Shopping Students estimate by rounding to the nearest dollar as they shop. (Author - Sandi King)
Plant Parts In this game you will try and match up the plant parts with the correct definition
Bartering For Goods Resources for teacher and games and activities for students

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Last updated: 12/14/10