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Requirements for participation in the CDA  Prep Program and Course

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P    480 clock hours of experience working with children in a certified child care center.
Fall semester, students will be placed in the day care center from 7:30-9:45 AM   (returning for the fall 4th period  CDA  theory class)
Spring semester 7:30-11:00 AM in the certified child care center, returning for 3rd period to the high school.

P 120 clock hours of formal child care education aligned with the CDA competency standards. Students will complete a  one semester theory study 4th Period in the fall semester of the senior year .The CDA Prep Theory hours of the course alignment will ensure that students are ready to sit for the CDA exam upon graduation from high school and turning 18 years of age.

The classroom training in the fall theory class must include at least 10 hours in each of eight CDA Training areas with an emphasis in either Infant/Toddler or Preschool concerns with course emphasis placed on:

PCDA Test prep & study of Child Development in the following content areas:

            • Health and safety
            • Physical and intellectual development
            • Social and emotional development
            • Relationships with families
            • Program operation
            • Professionalism
            • Observing and recording children's behavior
            • Child growth and development


PPreparation of the CDA professional resource file

Completion of a “professional resource file” or competency portfolio.
A collection of materials that early childhood professionals use in their work with young children and family.

The file has two purposes:

1. It provides a picture of what information candidates find valuable in their work (as a basis for assessing competence as a CDA)
2. It provides Candidates an important experience in locating resoucrces and articulating teir own view of the work in early childhood programs.

 The professional resource file is a working resource – one that should be useful to a CDA during their career in early childhood education and contents should serve as daily reference material.

Formal Observation

• The candidate has an early childhood professional who serves as the field advisor.
• The advisor observes the candidate while working as a lead teacher with young children in an eligible setting and records the observation using the CDA Assessment Observation Instrument.

Interview conducted by Council Representative Issuing Organization :
Council for Professional Recognition in Washington DC CDA


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