The South Western School District curriculum reflects a collaborative effort among stakeholders within the professional community. Administration and faculty work collaboratively in small and large teams to articulate a viable, rigorous and balanced learning program for all students, grades K - 12.

The term curriculum specifies all of the learning experiences designated within a specific course and frame of time over the sequence of our disciplinary programs K-12. The learning experiences defined through curriculum articulate the what, why, and when of learning that:

  • Connects short and long-term district mission, values and goals
  • Defines materials and resources, co-curricular activities, and other school approved educational experiences defined as essential for all students
  • Describes a meaningful understanding of content leading to a student's successful transfer of acquired skill and knowledge (Wiggins & McTighe, p. 43)
  • Informs Instruction and professional relationships among faculty, staff, and students

The learning experiences that makeup curriculum rely on each of these bulleted points. Students are given the opportunity to develop their own unique intellectual, social, physical, and emotional abilities in a way that supports their voice and choice in meaningful learning.

The information provided by the curriculum links included will highlight the vision and courses representative of disciplinary programs.

For more information about our curriculum philosophy, documents or development process, please contact the office of the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.


Board Approved Curriculum Guides | Online Curriculum Guide

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