SWHS Renovation Project

In October 2021, the concept of performing an inclusive assessment of the high school facility was discussed with the board of directors. The South Western High School was approaching 28 years since its last major renovation, which in accordance with our Long-Range Facility Plan meant an assessment was overdue. We knew that depending on the outcome of the assessment it would likely require 3 years to design and construct major renovations. That would result in the aging mechanical systems being over 30 years old, of which reliability was already becoming an issue. Furthermore, we also knew that building standards had evolved since the last renovation which resulted in ADA compliance issues, along with safety and security concerns. Coupled with the desire to meet our stated goal of providing educational facilities that meet our program needs and the window of opportunity to apply $4.5 M in government grants, the board of directors directed Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates to start the process.

  • Assessment Components - Information gathering about district's facility
    • Physical Assessment
      • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)
      • Envelope – Roof, Doors, Windows…
    • Existing Design Alignment with Current Needs
      • General Building Capacity vs. Enrollment
      • Safety and Security
      • Efficiency of Use and Flow
      • Alignment with current Educational Programming
    • Future Appropriateness and Vision
      • Community Growth, Demographics and Enrollment Projections
      • Vision of Future Educational Programming
  • Predesign / Schematics - Explore possible ways of addressing and meeting district goals
    • Further Info gathering of Educational current and future uses, needs, visions
      Conceptual Design Options and Preliminary Budgets
      • Limited Reno and MEP replacement - $40 M
      • Comprehensive Reno - $55-57 M
      • Opt. 2 - $64-66 M
      • Opt. 3 - $61-63 M
  • Design Development of Opt 3
    • Opt. 3 - $62-64 M = Total Project Estimate
  • Construction Documents
    • Estimate Revision - $73.4 M
  • Bidding and Award
    • Prime Bids and selected Alternates - $70,645,000
    • Total Projected Budget - $77,604,000
  • Value Engineering
    • Actively Exploring ($2,484,500) in Value Engineering Credits

*Due to the impact of potential V.E. credits – Final scope; plans, specs. And costs subject to change

Note: Conceptual video tour of High School improvements, final project may be impacted by selected contract alternates and value engineering options exercised. 

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