The South Western School District (SWSD) is located in south central Pennsylvania, York County and encompasses 58 square miles. District facilities are currently composed of four elementary (grades K-5) schools, one middle school (grades 6-8) and one high school (grades 9-12). A grounds building, maintenance building and transportation service center along with a number of smaller buildings are also utilized to support the education program. The SWSD main campus is comprised of not only the SW High School and Emory H. Markle Middle School, but one will also find these areas:

  • The Corral - Stadium with a multi-sport artificial turf playing field and all-weather track
  • The Paddock and Stable Fields - Dual artificial turf fields for multi-sport use
  • Nine grass athletic/practice fields
  • Eight tennis courts
  • Tower Filed - Band practice field
  • Natatorium
  • East Woods - Cross county track course
  • Outdoor environmental area

In aggregate, district facilities are comprised of over 802,000 square feet of buildings, on 237 total acres of land which hosts the education and activities of over 4,500 students and the 900+ employees working to fulfill the education mission.

The goal of the district’s maintenance and operations department – “To provide physical facilities and grounds that meet the program needs of the South Western School District” while ensuring a safe, healthy and secure environment, is supported by the efforts of the 50 persons whom comprise that team. The members of this team work in concert while sharing the responsibility of the many expertise’s, specializations, certifications and trainings required to achieve our goal. The 2023-24 maintenance and operations budget of $6.9 million, represents less than 2% of the total value of district facilities. This department strives to be good stewards of the district’s facilities and finances. It is committed to being proactive, working to identify issues and areas of need, striving to address issues prior to their degradation to the point of negatively effecting the students’ learning environment.

Nathan Osborne
Director of School Facilities

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