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South Western School District has always been conservative and financially responsible in its management of funds to provide for the best education of its students. Over the 50 years of existence, the District has gained the reputation of being one of the best school districts in the area. There are many more educational opportunities and programs the District would wish to implement to make the School District even better, but funding is not available. This situation has become more critical in the past few years with the State's redistribution of education dollars, as well as the passage of Act I in 2006 limiting a school district's ability to raise tax dollars for new and innovative educational opportunities for the students and the community. To be able to add such new programming into the District, additional resources for funding are necessary.


South Western School District has developed “A Legacy of Excellence” over its first fifty years. It is not satisfied and wants to extend to the level of EXCEPTIONAL by initiating additional programs and opportunities for students and the community. To have the additional funds to be able to do this, an Education Foundation funded with individual and corporate donations is the avenue to accomplish that. Building an education fund with privately funded dollars will allow the District to have access to monies to use for new and expanded programs with no added tax dollars involved and no state or federal strings attached.

Areas the School District feels it could improve its services to the community include such programs as early intervention for preschoolers, health and wellness initiatives, enhanced substance abuse programs, leadership programs, promoting school-to-work initiatives, expand training opportunities, funding music/arts/author related special programs, teacher grants to acquire special skills, senior citizen education programs. The list is never ending as to what the District could do for the community if the funds would be available.

The South Western School District prides itself on providing the best education possible to its students and serving the community. It wants to do even better in accomplishing these goals. To do this, it takes many more dollars than the local tax dollars and state and federal subsidies provide. Considering the benefits you have gained from South Western being the education leader in our community, your personal support of the Education Foundation will help the District reach their goal of progressing from excellent to EXCEPTIONAL.

The South Western Education Foundation is a registered non-profit organization so that any donation to the Foundation carries all the tax benefits of a charitable gift. Your gift may be in the form of cash/check, transfer of stocks or securities if traded on any of the major stock exchanges, transfer of a Certificate of Deposit, or a charitable annuity.

A whole life insurance policy with premiums paid by you as the insured and the South Western Education Foundation named as owner and beneficiary of the policy is an inexpensive way to leave a generous gift to the Foundation in the end.

Making a bequest in your will to the South Western Education Foundation would be a great legacy to leave in your name.

We suggest that South Western Alumni help kick off our campaign by giving a specific amount of dollars for every year you have been out of South Western High School.

A gift in any form will be a tax deductible charitable donation in your name.

You can fill out the Donation Form and send it to Dr. Burkhart at the District Office.

Ex Officio
Dr. Jay Burkhart
Jeffrey Mummert

Current Board Members
Jay Clouspy (Treasurer)
Brent Coulson
Amy Kauffman
Mary Kay Kelly (Vice President)
Bruce Lee
Erica McKee (Secretary)
Elinor Albright Rebert
Barbara Rupp (President)
Don Seidenstricker
Sara Staub
Divonna Stebick
Amanda Stuckey
Amanda Yiengst
LeeAnn Zeroth
Jason Zinn

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