The South Western School District board consists of elected citizens of the district. Any resident may run for election to the board provided that they meet certain qualifications. School Directors are elected officials who serve without pay as the governing body of the school district.

The SWSD School Board enacts policy and provides guidance to the administration in the management of the school district. Collectively it provides direction for the district, assisting in financial decision-making, approving policies, validating strategic planning for long-term goals and approving the budget.

The board typically meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:00 PM at the Administration Office, 225 Bowman Rd, Hanover PA 17331. The first meeting of the month is a Planning Meeting, during which School Board members discuss issues and set the agenda for the Regular Meeting. The second meeting, called the Regular Meeting, is typically the time during which issues are brought up and voted upon.

Each meeting provides an opportunity for citizen input, questions or comments, either on a specific agenda item or on a general topic related to district operations or educational programs. We welcome and encourage all of our district residents to attend our meetings.

Our School Board members make many sacrifices in their dedication to the mission of the district. They put in many long hours for which they are only compensated with the satisfaction that they played a role in making our district a better place for students, families, faculty and the community as a whole.

2023 SWSD School Board

Board Members

President: Ray M. Mummert - 12/1999-2023
Amanda K. Yiengst - 12/2019-2023
Secretary: Jeffrey A. Mummert
Treasurer: Douglas A. Fuhrman
Solicitor: Dr. Leigh E. Dalton
Gareth D. Pahowka
Member: Vanessa M. Berger - 12/2005-2025
Member: Cindy A. Boyer - 04/2013-2023
Member: Jay A. Clouspy - 01/2022-2023
Member: Matthew A. Gelazela - 12/2021-2025
Member: Richard E. Plesic III - 09/2018-2025
Member: Amanda G. Weaver - 12/2021-2025
Member: Thomas M. Zimmerman - 2/2023-12/2023


Building, Grounds & Equipment

Chairperson: Richard E. Plesic III
Member: Jay A. Clouspy
Member: Matthew A. Gelazela

Finance & Support Services

Chairperson: Amanda K. Yiengst
Member: Cindy A. Boyer
Member: Amanda G. Weaver
Member: Thomas M. Zimmerman


Chairperson: Vanessa M. Berger
Member: Richard E. Plesic III
Member: Amanda G. Weaver
Member: Amanda K. Yiengst
Member: Thomas M. Zimmerman


Chairperson: Amanda G. Weaver
Member: Jay A. Clouspy
 Matthew A. Gelazela

Student & Community Relations

Chairperson: Cindy A. Boyer
Member: Vanessa M. Berger
Member: Matthew A. Gelazela

Other Assignments

York County School of Technology

Joint Operating Committee
Representative: Matthew A. Gelazela
Alternate: Vacant

Representative: Richard E. Plesic III

PSBA Liaison

Representative: Ray M. Mummert

Township Liaison Committee

Representative: Amanda K. Yiengst

Recreation Commission

Representative: Amanda G. Weaver


Chairperson: Jay A. Clouspy
Representative: Vanessa M. Berger
Representative: Amanda K. Yiengst
Community Representative: James S. Harris

SW Education Foundation Board

Representative: Amanda K. Yiengst

Wellness Committee

Representative: Vanessa M. Berger

York Learning Center Authority

Representative: Cindy A. Boyer

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